Is Scabies Dangerous?
Yes, the early symptom only make intense itching and rash on your skin. if your skin is damaging by surgery/ falling/ accident, the wound will keep wet and get infection and abscess. Hair in people leg and wrist/ arm will be gone unnormally because Scabies will pull in people body hair inside. In the long term infection, it will make your muscle become tickling and your heart will beat unnormally. Scabies mites that fill the space under your skin will push your blood vein that can cause heart attack or brain stroke that can lead to sudden death. the old or evolved Scabies mites can fly and spread through the air. You can prove it by burning sulfur inside the room of person that has been infected by Scabies mites for a long time, there will be a rain of dead flying Scabies mites coloring in black.
How is the effectiveness of lotion, cream and outside medication?
They only make the Scabies mites run away from their nest under your skin. However, Scabies Eggs under your skin will remain alive and grow, so you will get the second infection. Furthermore the Scabies that run away from your skin will tend to come back to their nest under your skin.
How is the features of Scabies treatment that your company offering us?
It made from the mix of rare leaves and roots which only be available in Indonesia. Once boiled, this herb has to be drink within 24 hours. You have to come to Surabaya to get this treatment. The taste of this treatment is very bitter. It has side effect of make you feel sleepy and can boost your eating appetite. Your will feel hungry in every 2 hours. Beside, this medicine will instantly cure the dependency of drug.
What should we avoid when we are in this treatment?
Avoid eating food and beverages that contain coffee product, milk product, crab, clam, shrimp, and pig. Avoid sex. Avoid drug.
How can this traditional herb can be trusted and not a scum?
You can try half dozes and you feel your condition will get better along with your skin rash/ abscess will start to dry, and your hair will comes out again. Before come to Surabaya, Indonesia, it recommended clearing the scabies under you skin by olive oil or medicated lotion/ cream to avoid scabies spreading during the traveling.
How effective is this traditional herb?
This treatment is cheap compared to your cream, lotion, or outside medication dependency so you have to spend money and money again if your scabies infection keep coming back. There is a person who uses laser treatment to kill the scabies mites under the skin. However, there is still some scabies eggs remaining under the skin that make the Scabies infection occur again. There is a person who uses insect pesticide/ poison to his skin. His skins become dry and damaged. However, the scabies eggs under his skin are still remaining alive and grow. A lot of people spent thousand of dollar for doctor and medication. However, the scabies infection will keep coming back. Only drinking our traditional herb can effectively kill all of the Scabies mites and eggs under your skin. The Scabies infection will not come back again. You must throw away your bed, pillow, bed sheet and towel to avoid the remaining scabies come inside your skin. We recommend you to stay in a hotel, so your bed sheet and towel can be refreshed everyday.